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Renowned artist Worthless reworked the album's obscure artworks (originally released in the US on vinyl format only) for a CD-cut reissue. Not only he is the only soul behind the musical project itself, but he crafted quite many music artworks, including Incantation's 'Vanquish in Vengeance' and Bestia Arcana's 'To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu' - 'Famine' remains one of the most insane album we have heard in ages, unbound to specific and traditional traits of black metal. Have a listen HERE if you haven't so far! - This beautiful review-cut just describes the beast in all his essence: This is music geared towards ritual. It is not at all intended to appeal to a mass amount of people, even within the "metal community." This was initially released as a promo a few years ago but has been recently remastered and pressed on vinyl. I had heard the "Dajjal" promo sometime back in 2008 I believe and remember being completely and utterly possessed by the sheer amount of darkness that emanated from it. After that I had heard nothing. It needs to be said again that this music is different. It may be labeled as "Black Metal" or whatever else you wish to call it. In reality it is simply an aural by product of some incredibly sinister rituals. This kind of art doesn't just happen. It takes an individual deeply rooted within the occult to be able to conduct a horrifying symphony (by himself nonetheless) on the level that Famine has. The guitars cut like razors and the vocals are desolate enough to drive you mad. From "Adventus" all the way to "Curse" the album is easily the most abhorrent material I've heard.

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