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PHOBOPHILIC’s abrasive explorations of existentialism and the limits of human consciousness are a welcome feature of the currently thriving US death metal scene. The influence of death metal’s forefathers is evident in PHOBOPHILIC’s full throttle output, but their gaze is fixed firmly on the future - wherever it may take them.

Since their 2016 formation PHOBOPHLIC have steadily accumulated early releases in the shape of two demos, 2019’s Undimensioned Identities EP and a split release with Canada’s Sedimentum, all the while honing their craft out across the North American touring circuit - featuring live stints with Gatecreeper and Mutilated respectively, as well as appearances at LDB Fest and Philadelphia Death Nexus - positioning themselves among US death metals most intriguing young acts.

Across Enveloping Absurdity’s runtime PHOBOPHILIC’s quest for elucidation is explored in punishingly heavy fashion across tracks such as Those Which Stare Back, Nauseating Despair and Survive in Obscurity. But for all of the Midwestern group’s old school death metal artisanship and lyrical angst, there is a fundamental rejection of misplaced nihilism in the form of quieter and reflective passages throughout. No better is this showcased than mid-album track Individuation’s calm before the storm, which offers up Enveloping Absurdity’s most contemplative moment.