Pious Levus - Beast of the Foulest Depths


""On thier debut full-length this San Antonio, Texas war metal band comprised of Hod and Thornspawn members offer a seemingly endless hammer to the throat that only becomes more furious and incontestably evil with every listens. If you’re expecting a continuation of Thornspawn‘s 2000 era black/death style you have the right mindset to absorb the Morbosidad-like blinding fury and Christ-strangling attitude of ‘Beast of the Foulest Depths’. Because the two guitarists at hand had similar goals in their left hand path in the decade previous Pious Levus ultimately offers a continuation of that old school war metal sound without any greater nuance or thematic reaches. You’re getting an ear-scraping blast of hellish, raw and flailing noise with this album and shouldn’t expect anything more or less.""

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