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Primal Horde / Scorching Tomb - Primal Tomb


A plague is upon us. The cold night sky has opened and a frigid ice storm of death has descended upon the walls of the Iron Fortress, causing a rumble that shook the rotten soil and dispersed the septic fog, splitting open a “PRIMAL TOMB” buried deep in the lower catacombs.

Frozen Screams Imprint + Iron Fortress combine creative forces under the banner, FROZEN FORTRESS, for the brand new split EP from PRIMAL HORDE and SCORCHING TOMB.

2 of Montreal’s most prominent death metal bands, 2 brand new tracks from each band, with 2 of the USA’s most unique & collectible DIY labels — all coming together this Fall to offer a split 12” vinyl EP release like no other.
Fresh off their previous 2022 EP releases, Primal Horde’s “Blood River” and Scorching Tomb’s “Rotting Away,” this new plague was carefully crafted in the same studio, Apartment 2 Recordings in Ottawa, by Topon Das (Fuck the Facts) who also handled mixing and mastering duties of both bands for maximum ear bleeding. This violent powerhouse is a perfect representation of what the future holds for both bands, as well as the spark of a new collaborative venture for the Frozen Fortress.