Reverence To Paroxysm -Lux Morte


Taking a viciously old school approach with disgusting riffs contorting upon pulverizing drums, this macabre descent into decay shall grip one from the very earliest moments. Gurgling vocals spew eldritch slime upon the meaty instrumentals, with thick bass lines giving a chunky low end to the sound. Taking all of the most morbidly revolting elements of underground death metal, Reverence to Paroxysm bludgeons their way into the skull with fleshy hammer blows. The talents of frontman Antimo Buonnano, previously from death-grind legends Disgorge, among many others, brings a veteran element to the band, injecting their abhorrent legacy into his latest involvements. The slower moments will drag one through the sepulchral dirt while more upbeat assaults thrash the meat from the bone like a bladed whip of sonic poison. The gloomy dynamics, visceral hooks and brutal execution will mercilessly execute all in their path and only a fool would not to submit to Reverence to Paroxysm.Eerie soundscapes entwine with putrescent primitive pounding, giving a rancid and yet atmospheric listen. The more one delves into this record, the more subtle nuances will be found scattered throughout, adding texture and detail while falling into the monstrously cataclysmic feel of the entire piece, all very naturally. Although an odiously primal energy is draped across this entire record, there are some very cleverly placed and unusual riffs that give a very unique and interesting feel to things as they cut through the thundering bass or the razor sharp cymbal work. The sparse vocals perfectly play off of the instrumental parts to give the band this dense, foggy and oppressive sound. Followers of the school of death metal who need subterranean riffing, crackling bass, bone-splintering drums and disgusting-but-varied vocals, then waste no time in checking this record out. Proceed with caution and succumb to the fetid, decaying world that is presented and be soaked in the rotten tapestry Reverence to Paroxysm has woven and prepare to be crushed by it.

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